1. An ode to my 2011 One Direction phase

    Sometimes I feel like I’m living all of my past selves at the same time.  I’m 13 years old, and I’ve got a proper crush on a boy for the first time ever. I’m still reliving that evening when he and I went for a walk with our friends, into…

  2. Take yourself out on a date

    I used to think that being on my own was the absolute worst thing ever. I would dread it. It got even worse when I started university, which wasn’t convenient as university tends to be both the busiest and loneliest years of your life. I had to constantly pester my…

  3. Flowers to the People

    A collection of images from disposable cameras left over from summer 2016 - mainly Glastonbury

  4. Bristol - Spring 2016

    Shot around Bristol between April-June 2016, on 35mm with my Canon A1.

  5. Dusseldorf/Cologne

    35mm images from a trip to the German Christmas Markets in 2015 - shot on Canon A1. 

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